Testing phase

Currently, we are in the testing phase of the created portfolio of instruments for self-assessment and guided assessment of migrant women’s entrepreneurial competencies. In Germany, for example, the second of four planned events was held today with 13 migrant women and two more of the instruments were administered. It was a pleasure to see how motivated and enthusiastic the women were to participate in the activities, and they have so much professional potential to unlock. Thank you for that great experience and the interesting conversations and shared insights! It has shown once again how important and valuable our work in this project is.

2nd Project Meeting

From October 10 to 11, 2022, our second project meeting of the Erasmus+ project EMPOWER took place, this time in Rome. The meanwhile created draft of the assessment tool portfolio was discussed together again, the 15 competences of the EntreComp framework were highlighted and some of the tools were performed in a practical workshop by the project partners from the perspective of the target group. In the next step of the project work, the 11 tools of the portfolio will be put through their paces in a test phase with the target group.


Finally the project partners could meet and get to know each other in person, after the project had already started virtually in January this year. From 07.04. – 08.04.2022 we first actively dealt with the EntreComp competence framework in a very pleasant and constructive working atmosphere. We evaluated the already conducted interviews with women with migration background, exchanged our gained experiences and new ideas. In addition, the next technical work steps were coordinated and organizational aspects were defined and coordinated.