The results

As part of the Entrecomp model, we will develop a portfolio of entrepreneurship self-assessment and assessment tools and a toolkit of learning and teaching materials for entrepreneurship education, specifically for immigrant women.

1. Portfolio of instruments for self-assessment and evaluation of life skills and entrepreneurial competences of migrant women:

– Analysis of the relationships between the specific situations and
conditions of migrant women (e.g. family care, migration process), their life skills and entrepreneurial competencies (EntreComp)

– Portfolio of instruments for self-assessment and guided assessment of competencies

2. Development and implementation of a toolkit for the entrepreneurial training for migrant women and guidelines for trainers who accompany migrant women on their path to self-employment

The toolkit will include a sustainable collection of training content, activities and methods, learning materials, and a process roadmap for an experiential approach to teaching entrepreneurship. It will include a methodological guide to help trainers in the practical implementation of actively supporting migrant women on their path to entrepreneurship.