Checkout the project’s collection of Newsletters!

Newsletter 1: Know what the project is about and the intended results

Newsletter 2: Check the project’s latest activities and achievements

Newsletter 3: 2nd Transnational Project Meeting was held in Rome

Newsletter 4: Know what happened in Local Trainings In Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Sweden

Newsletter 5: Project Result 1 is finished and tested. Know what’s next!

Newsletter 6: Project result 2 is in the oven. Know more about the upcoming LTTA

Newsletter 7: What transpired in Slovenia, in the project’s LTTA?

Newsletter 8: How was Project Result 2 used in the Local Trainings? 

Newsletter 9: We hate to say goodbye, but this is the last Newsletter. Check out the project’s achievements and what is still upcoming

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3rd Project Meeting

When it comes to learning and teaching, there’s no doubt that experience is the best teacher. That’s why Erasmus+ Project EMPOWER believes in immersing its partner institutions in hands-on experiences,

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Testing phase

Currently, we are in the testing phase of the created portfolio of instruments for self-assessment and guided assessment of migrant women’s entrepreneurial competencies.

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2nd Project Meeting

From October 10 to 11, 2022, our second project meeting of the Erasmus+ project EMPOWER took place, this time in Rome. The meanwhile created draft of the assessment tool portfolio was discussed together again,

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