The Project

“EMPOWER – Encouraging Migrant Women to seize their Potential and Opportunities in the World of Entrepreneurship”.
With this project, we want to identify the existing competencies of migrant women and improve them through targeted training so that they can consider professional self-employment.
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Target groups

The primary target group comprises migrant women, with a focus on understanding and enhancing their existing competencies through the project's training initiatives.

Individuals within the target group who aspire to engage in professional self-employment, seeking to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for entrepreneurship.

The project aims to benefit underrepresented communities, particularly migrant women, by addressing barriers and providing opportunities for empowerment and entrepreneurship within the European context.


Conduct a thorough assessment of the existing competencies of migrant women, identifying their strengths and areas for improvement in the context of entrepreneurship.

Develop and implement tailored training programs designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of migrant women, with a specific focus on preparing them for professional self-employment.

Encourage and support migrant women in considering and pursuing professional self-employment by providing resources, mentorship, and opportunities that facilitate their entry into the world of entrepreneurship.

Facilitate collaboration and support among migrant women, fostering a sense of community to enhance their entrepreneurial efforts.